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For anybody with Literary skills and would like to display their work and/or have it critiqued by other members
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PostSubject: Cancer   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:30 am

another one of my random pieces.... our professor wanted us to write something about "dying young"... but then, it was a big regret that i wasn't able to pass this... she required us to write 5-7 sentences only with the topic sentence at the beginning.... and it had to contain facts....

it felt really horrible for me to write something like that. i'm not good at writing something that's like what you read from a textbook..... eewww....

anyway, here's the article... hope you like it even though i wasn't able to pass it.... comments please... ^^


The sudden gust of wind that opened the window was cold. It bit her soft white skin like hundreds of spiders biting. She cried in great anguish which echoed through the corridors of the big house. No one was there with her. No one was there to hug her tight to comfort. No one was there but her shadow that the moonlight had given her. Hot tears kept flowing on her cheeks. And with the last weed on her dresser, she puffed a smoke and went out the window barefooted. She didnít mind the cold earth that kissed the soles of her feet. She didnít mind the tickling grass below but continued on walking until she reached the lake. Stopping by for a moment, her last tear fell from her cheek touching the chilly surface of the mere. As if in hesitation, she stepped back. But no trace of hope can be found on her face. Her empty eyes were proof that she was caught in a trance created by her depression. She faced the lake and slowly walked towards the center. The angel of death opened her arms to embrace her crying soul. But, a shout echoed and reached her, breaking the spell. The next morning, she found herself lying on a hospital bed. And beside the clean sheets of her pillow, her mother was crying.

i feel like something good will happen to me today...
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