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For anybody with Literary skills and would like to display their work and/or have it critiqued by other members
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 Getting Writer's Block on Gaia

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PostSubject: Getting Writer's Block on Gaia   Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:24 am

Hey, I was thinking that maybe we could get a pet guild for writer's block on gaiaonline. I know that at least you, Ashley, are not too hot about gaia, but it would bring in new members, as it's a huge audience.

I have the ability to make and run the guild, as I know you have plenty to do at the moment. If at any point you wanted me to close it, I would be able to do that. Also, I'd obviously grant moderatorship to anyone you told me to, as well as any other ranking. However, the main purpose would be to refer people to this forum. I personally don't know how it would work, but that's why I'm involving you in it. Getting gaians would definitely bring in artists, roleplayers, and writers, as well as potential editors and contributors. The only thing is that people may prefer to post in the gaia guild rather than this one. Any thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: Getting Writer's Block on Gaia   Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:32 pm

hmmmm. sounds good. but make the guild about discussing the actual forum, and the rest goes here. the only reason i'm not on gaia so much is because i have forums i need to be on more than there. lol.
i'll discuss it more with u in school. Very Happy


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Getting Writer's Block on Gaia
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