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 www.Kanashi.net - An IRC Network

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PostSubject: www.Kanashi.net - An IRC Network   Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:18 am

IRC.Kanashi.Net for you IRC Users.
Main Channel(s): #Hero, #Kanashi

Owner: Me Smile Niko
Main Admin: Calintz

If you want your own IRC Chatroom on your website, contact me at:
Email: Niko@kanashi.net
MSN: ozeskid@kanashi.net (IM me)

A description of our network:
"Here at Kanashi, we want to be a place that your
website, chatroom, rpg or what have you can call home. We cater to the
gaming and anime community, but do not just limit our users to just
that. We want anyone and everyone to feel welcome on our network.

wish to also provide you with the best possible chatting experience
that we can offer to you, which is why we want your input and ideas.
Our operators are fun, lively, and enforce the rules implemented by the
Network Administrators. For network assistance, password help, channel
help, or just somebody to talk to, our Staff is here for you throughout
your experience here at Kanashi.

We currently provide Trivia in the #Trivia channel. More games will be down the road.

If you need any assistance, have any questions or concerns, or would like to make a suggestion, simply click on our Chat link on the left hand side and /join #Services. #Services is our official network help channel.

Thank you and please enjoy your stay at Kanashi!

-Kanashi Network Administraton"

For more information, email me, or just post here and ill get back to ya, if youd like to try our IRC java befre actually isntalling it on your site, you can look at www.celestialhaze.com and click "Chat" or www.animedreamz.net and click "Chat".

Or you can visit the sites java @ http://www.kanashi.net/modules.php?name=ChatRoom

Also, this is my 100th post lol.

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www.Kanashi.net - An IRC Network
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