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For anybody with Literary skills and would like to display their work and/or have it critiqued by other members
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PostSubject: RULES! FOLLOW THEM   Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:52 pm

When you register there are T.O.S you must agree to. Abide by those, and other rules I'm putting up here.
...Duplicate accounts. No one needs more than one account.
...Flaming or trolling. Can result in perm ban.
...Spamming. we have a section for spam.
...Duplicate threads. Please use the search tool.
...Pornographic, overly violent, or discriminating images. Anyone who posts porno images will receive a ban.
...Over large sigs. sigs are limited to 2 large (350x350max) images all others must be in spoilers.
...MA rated content within your work. Rating guide listed below.
...Swearing excessively. Cursing is permitted, but don't over do it. This privilege will be renounced otherwise.
...Triple posting. Double posting is permitted, but not excessively.
...Cross posting. Do not post the same reply more than once in any section.
...Ripping. It is stealing and will result in a perm ip ban.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a warning or ban.

Rating guide:

T (Teen)- equivalent to a pg-13 movie. No excessive sexual situations, violence, or swearing.
M (Mature)- equivalent to pg-16. Sexual situations, violence, and swearing are fine, just not so much as to be a rated R movie.

Ratings MUST be posted in either the thread title or in the first line of the post.

But I'm pretty lax about that. Write whatever you want. However, if any pieces cause a disturbance, they will be removed.

And when writing fan-based works, please be sure to include disclaimers.

All in all though, please respect fellow members and have fun.

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